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Tailgating Trailers from Imagimotive

The tailgate trailer
Imagi-Motive is dedicated to building custom tailgating trailers of the highest quality. Building each trailer to the specific needs and budget of the customer. Our tailgating trailers fall into two main categories:

The Tailgate Trailer

The tailgate trailer
Our Tailgate Trailers are a complete redesign of what a tailgating trailer stands for. Ease of use, accessible storage, and "WOW Factor" come stock with these designs.
These trailers are hand built and custom designed for each customer. Equip yours with 47" TV's, auto-finding satellite system, 5.1 surround sound, 48" grill, and the kitchen sink.


Outdoor Cooking Trailers

Outdoor Cooking Trailer
These tailgating trailers are equipped with full kitchens and are usually open trailers with fold up sides. Our Cooking Tailgate Trailers are equipped with Pitt's and Spitt's BBQ's & Smokers.

Tailgating Box Trailers

Tailgating Box Trailer
Tailgating Box Trailers use most of their space in large concession windows filled with 48" TV's and high powered sound systems. Equipped with MotoSat HD Auto finding satellites and Blu-ray, these systems are always the center of the party.