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5 Most Expensive Mistakes When Choosing a Manufacturer

Questions to ask before choosing a manufacturer
December 23, 2015
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December 23, 2015

Choosing a Manufacturer is a tough choice. Here’s 5 things to consider when making your decision.

  1. Too many change orders
    1. This can be a huge drain on your budget before the tour even gets on the road. Make sure that your client and your manufacturer are on the same page before signing the final quote, or negotiate a date by which the design will be finalized. This may not be an option when working with a tight timeframe, which leads us to number two.
  2. Mismanaging the timeframe
    1. Some manufacturers won’t accept a project unless they can do it on their timeframe. Some manufacturers will, but often an aggressive timeline comes with an elevated price. This is where the flexibility of your manufacturer can come into play. Maybe they can accept small deposit to begin procurement, which will speed the project along when the design is finalized. Maybe the vehicle can be delivered and stripped (if applicable) while the design is finished.
  3. Design and product don’t match
    1. You need to be precise with your communication, both with your client and the manufacturer. Your client needs to see exactly what they have in their mind’s eye when they show up on delivery day to start the tour. From small wrinkles, to colors not matching, manufacturers, like a good dog, do what they are told…usually. This is another reason you need to find a manufacturer that communicates well.
  4. Paint and wrap colors
    1. You all know how important a brand’s color is, and it can be a huge cost, as well as long delay, if it is wrong. Every company has CMYK, RGB, or even HTML color code that your manufacturer has to match. Be sure to get paint and wrap color samples, on the material they will be applied to, sent to you and the client for approval. Before approval, be sure to check the color both inside and outside.
  5. Warranty and Guarantee
    1. How is the manufacturer going to stand behind their product once it’s out on the road? Depending on the repair skills of your tour personnel, the level of support required may vary. Be sure that if something goes wrong that they can’t handle, your manufacturer can be contacted at any time, and that a quick and painless repair is on the way.
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