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Vehicle Wraps

Form vs. Function in Custom Marketing Vehicles
December 23, 2015
Form vs. Function in Custom Marketing Vehicles
December 23, 2015

Marketing Staples

While we are not a marketing company per se we are a company that turns the concepts and planning of your company or your marketing company's into a reality. Whether you need a branded car, truck or trailer or you need a kiosk or installed display, Imagi-Motive is here to help.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

  • Vehicle wraps are one of most effective ways of advertising for your company, because it happens during the natural course of your day to day operations. Wrapping your service vehicles, passenger vehicles, and marketing and event vehicles is a simple, effective way of getting your name and branding out into the marketplace.
  • Vehicle wraps are a form of target marketing - your vehicles will already be in your local area and any of your service areas. The right eyeballs will be on your company's name, logos, colors and other branding.
  • Your company's colors are one of the most important facets of your branding, and vehicle wraps can help your brand gain that recognition. If your brand can get into people's consciousness, the colors themselves will evoke a response.
  • 80% of people “rarely or never” use the phone book. 60% of people don’t read a daily newspaper. 96% of people ride a vehicle as a driver or passenger on a weekly basis. These simple statistics show the potential of using vehicle wraps as a cost effective alternative way for any business to get its name in front of people.
  • And it is cost effective. A vehicle wrap on a car or truck will cost $1,000 to $3,000 and last 3-5 years. In a market like the greater Houston area, a radio ad on a popular network can cost that much in a week, and it will hit roughly 150,000 listeners. Vehicle wraps will create as many as 500,000 impressions in one week, and as many 8 million in a year. (source)
  • If your company leases vehicles, vehicle wraps is a cost effective way to brand your company vehicles without damaging them, while still using them to get your name out there.
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