Experiential Marketing Vehicles
Experiential Marketing Vehicles

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Imagi-Motive has both the expertise and experience to build any Experiential Marketing Vehicles you can dream! We have been in the industry for close to 10 years, and are known for our prices, quality, and speed. We can fit any budget or time-frame.

We have brought all major aspects of the manufacturing process in-house. An engineer oversees each and every project to ensure safety and proper design practices. From there, we do all of the metal fabrication, wood working, foam sculpture, fiberglass, painting, and graphics under one roof.

We have the ability to work on any type of vehicle from smart cars to RVs. See a short list of our past projects to wet your palate for the perfectly branded car, truck, or vehicle. If you have the idea, we can build it. Guaranteed.

If you are looking for a marketing trailer instead, see our Experiential Marketing Trailers.

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