Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing

What is Experiential Mobile Marketing?

Anything that has a physical presence and helps build brand awareness in the minds of your audience. Meet customers in their space and let them experience or be immersed while they learn about your products and services. Interactive and thoughtful exhibits are combined with professional looking graphics, pop-up campaigns with mobile vehicles for the ultimate in meeting your customer where they are make a powerful statement. We build your branding with mobile marketing vehicles and environments.

Imagi-Motive is a premier designer and manufacturer of custom experiential marketing material. We design and manufacture experiential marketing vehicles, trailers, and platforms that consistently exceed the customer expectations. We also produce interactive kiosks, trailers, vehicles, and environments that draw crowds every time.

You Dream It. We Build It.

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Do you have a brilliant experiential marketing campaign, but not sure how to implement it? Our team can make it a reality. Need help deciding where to start? We have the experience to help design a mobile marketing vehicle or kiosk that layers in your brand from concept to production. Call our Marketing Vehicle Sales Team today to get started!

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