Imagi-Motive now offers financing through Centra Funding.

Are you looking to expand your business with a major equipment purchase or would like having extra time to pay for your equipment to help your cash flow?

Now there’s a simple and cost effective way to finance your major investments in your business and use net terms billing for smaller purchases to grow your business faster. With Centra Funding, you can free up your cash and break up costs into multiple payments without hefty credit card fees and interest.

Advantages of Financing

Why Should I finance?

Improve Cash Flow

Business owners know the importance of cash flow! Cash flow allows a business to make better investment decisions which can lead to the success of a corporation

100% Tax Deductable

Financing equipment is 100% tax deductible. The IRS 179 Tax Code allows a Business to deduct the full purchase price for equipment purchased or financed in the current tax year.

Bank Relationship

Keep lines of credit open for financial emergencies and use financing to help build your credentials with any bank.

Affordable Payment

Choose from a variety of payment terms to ensure the best fit for your business.


To qualify for this program the minimum finance amount must be $5,000.

Rates: Rates starting at 5.99% depending on credit rating.