Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Suppression Systems

Food Truck Fire Suppression Installation

Installation, Inspection, & Repair

Your food truck business relies on valuable equipment that would be devastating if lost in a fire. Many food truck owners install a fire suppression system to protect their equipment in case of a fire emergency. However, installing a food truck fire suppression system is only the first step. You also need proper fire suppression system maintenance and inspection. This insures your suppression system is always working in case an unexpected fire occurs, saving your valuable equipment from being destroyed.

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Inspection, Maintenance, & Service Repairs

No matter the size of your food truck, installing and maintaining a fire suppression system is a must to protect your employees and valuable equipment. Fire suppression systems are designed to protect your most essential property without damaging even the most sensitive equipment during a fire emergency.

Once a food truck fire suppression system is installed in your food truck, proper regular inspections and maintenance of your fire suppression system is necessary. Without routine testing, maintenance or inspection of your fire suppression systems, you risk losing your food truck’s equipment, critical assets and even your business altogether.


Updated Harris County Food Truck Inspection Guidelines

If you reside or operate in Harris County then there are strict new guidelines that must be followed. Starting in 2020, all new food trucks must have an advanced fire suppression system installed in their vehicle. At that point, Harris County will not be renewing or granting any food truck licenses without a fire suppression system. In addition, Harris County will add other rules to their inspection process, such as no seams in vent hoods, no exposed wires, as well as several other policies.
We always aim to help out our food truck owners, and we understand this can be a giant project to undertake with your busy schedule. We have experience with fire safety systems, so you can trust that we have the knowledge to help you. Our turn-around time is quick and your out-of-pocket cost is low. Please call us today with any questions. 2020 seems like a long way off, but it's not. Don't wait until the last minute and get stuck without the proper systems. Call us today!


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