New Waverly Custom Tailgating
New Waverly Custom Tailgating

Custom Tailgating Rigs

Imagi-Motive is the premier New Waverly custom tailgating manufacturer in the US. We can manage any size project; from 5ft wide x 8ft long tailgating trailers, sprinter van conversions, to 40ft trailers, bus and RV conversions. Everything we design and manufacture is custom, with assembly line prices! This means you can get exactly what you want, for the price you expect.

We have the ability to create any tailgating trailer design. Small and simple, to large and exotic, Imagi-Motive is the place you go when you want your trailer to last. We design flexible systems you will use for parties on game day, special events and competitions.

The WOW Factor

When you see awesome tailgating vehicles that move and look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, you can’t help but stop and stare. This moment of awe we call “WOW Factor”, and we are the experts at creating it. Imagi-Motive is the only custom manufacturer in the country that can pull off the crazy tailgating vehicles you see below. Tailgating is in our blood, and we can’t wait to see what crazy ideas you might come up with next. If you just want to be the envy of the parking lot, leave it to us and we’ll provide the “wow factor”. See our portfolio for examples.

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Be an Expert Tailgater

The New Waverly Custom Tailgating Experts

You Dream It. We Build It.

Imagi-Motive as a company, and our staff individually, desire to show you just how good we are. We believe we are one of the best design, manufacturing, and service companies in the country focused on New Waverly Custom Tailgating vehicles and trailers.

We have built the country’s most impressive tailgating vehicles and marketing trailers and we’ve been highlighted on ESPN, ESPN2, and Big Ten Network.

Give us a call and let us exceed your expectations.

Our History:

Knowing that we had the skills and contacts to expand our product lines, we developed our first tailgate trailer before the 2009 football season. Before the end of 2009 we had created a handful of highly functional, and awe-inspiring, trailer designs for both tailgating and mobile marketing. For the first few years, the line between tailgating and marketing seemed to be blurred. Then in 2011 we began working with marketing companies around the country. We created projects for experiential marketing, trade shows, guerrilla marketing, and everything in between.

In 2016, Kyle and Scott, who worked at Imagi-Motive for the Mims family, bought the company. Now, Imagi-Motive is still the expert in tailgating trailers and experiential marketing vehicles. Unlike our early years, we are now respected within the larger mobile marketing vehicle and food truck industries. We are forever looking towards innovation and expansion.

Ready to get started?

Do you have a brilliant idea, but not sure how to implement it? Then, our team can make it a reality. Need help deciding where to start? We have the experience to work with you in the design process. Call our Sales Team today to get started on your New Waverly Custom Tailgating vehicle!

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