College Football Tailgating Trailer – SMU - Imagi-Motive
Cycling Team 5th wheel Trailer
November 3, 2017
College Football Tailgating Trailer – SMU
College Football Tailgating Trailer – SMU

A bumper pull type catering trailer for College Football Tailgating and Special Events.

A fully enclosed trailer wrapped with branding logo and colours unfolds to provide a large cooking and prep area for games and special events. Covered awnings protect during inclement weather (as if that would stop a true fan) and media projections including TV and audio.

Catering events requires efficient use of storage space and clean prep areas with delivery to a large number of people in a short period of time. Engineers developed and fabricated multi-purpose areas to provide dedicated work areas based on line cook formulas. The final catering and tailgating trailer includes custom accessories for flags, media, in a safe and elegantly constructed trailer made to travel many miles and be deployed in quick manner.


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